The Baby Raven earrings- Sterling silver 925

Sterling Silver approximately 2 inches long


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These Earrings are inspired by Mothers love – a bond that cannot be broken.

The Baby Raven

Haida Mothers True love Story

A Mothers Love

Mother Raven holds her baby

Under her beak

Attempting to shelter baby

from any harm

Even though the world will try

and tear her baby from her mother

A mother’s love will prevail

Fierce and mighty-

a Raven Mothers love

Will fight to protect

And hold in her heart

A beacon of light

So that if baby looses

their way

They can find the light that

was put their heart,

a long time ago,

As a way home


Haida’s have a Matrilineal Culture, we get

our blood line and our clan, from our mothers.



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