Haida Dogfish Woman Portrait Mask By: Gina Mae Schubert

Limited Edition 5/15 solid 925 Sterling Silver. For Rockstars, Princesses, Warriors and Divas

Silver Dogfish Woman Portrait Mask Pendant 925 with Abalone set in eyes Limited Edition of 15 Statement Piece

Year : 2021
Weight : 2w x 2.75h x 1.5d

Weight :71 gms


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Haida Nation Dogfish women represents the divine feminine, transformation, Haida matriarchal dignity and countenance. She is a supernatural being, and is in the process of transformation. The Haida people honored the Dogfish woman and she was a fundamental part of our legends and folklore.
The legend is she was once a human woman who fell in love with a Dogfish Prince who took her to his undersea village, and she slowly transformed into Dogfish woman before escaping his clenches.
Dogfish Shark – is an endangered species

Dogfish woman swims hard through the ocean,
escaping her masters.
Half monster and half woman,
her nose slices the water,
she feels so free so different, so powerful
the ocean surges through her mouth,
she is driven,
with a passion to survive,
not looking back on the pain,
only moving forward to a new world,
a new home and a new life for all living beings I was guided by my ancestors to sculpt this piece called the Haida Dogfish Woman Portrait Mask. Feminine energy will prevail, we are the Life Givers and the Fire Keepers. The women in my family have survived colonization and will continue to endure, in truth, strength and fortitude to make way for the younger generations to thrive. We will decolonize, generations of oppression, marginalization, genocide and control. We will rise above, we will carry on as we always have, because we are here, to tell our truth that the divine feminine is – Mother Earth. As we transform, so will the world


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