Original painting, Acrylic on Canvas Painted entirely with my left hand and has an 1800 word story that was the inspiration for the Painting Speaks of Colonization, and the arrival of the Europeans on Haida Gwaii

Year : 2021

Inches: 24w x 30h x 1.5d


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Artist Statement – By Gina Mae Schubert

October 2021

Expressed with Non-Dominant Hand


Bound by History

Dreams of utopia, balance with nature, love of family and children, children that were told to be a good person you must………. but who makes these rules? Why is that story more important than ours?  Don’t we all want the same things? Systems of control have been operating for a long time but we can see still where we have come from, we still have memories of this, yet the program continues and nobody says anything about it as it its good.  What are these illusions that people believe?  That raping our forests for money is a good thing?  When will it end, when we are all dead?  Our lost souls of our children buried in the ground with their identify lost, family lost, killed for what?

Bound by History

We will Heal this Earth

Dreams of Utopia

“You be a good girl”

“You be a good boy”

Who makes these rules?

Why is your story more important than ours?

Don’t we all want the same things?

Balance with Nature

We have memories of this

Yet the program continues


NO words said

Illusions from technology

Lost souls cry out from the ground


Identity lost

Killed for what?

When will this end?

When we are dead?

Us children of God

We are soul beings

We are electromagnetic energy

The light will prevail

Darkness will be illuminated

The soul will reach its goal

We will unite as one

Homo sapiens

We are an extension of the Earth

We are one

and we will rise up and we will heal this earth

and ourselves


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