13. U Are :”Blessed” – Haida Luv Lineguage – Haida word -“sanghl_gang-suu” Sterling silver 925 Earrings


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Haida Luv Lineguage was designed by Gina Mae Schubert a contemporary Haida artist from Old Massett Village, B. C. Haida Gwaii

They were developed in the spirit of the “Haida Gifting Economy” and the ancient Haida Language.

Form lines were selected from my original painting titled “Haida Luv Lineguage”

Haida’s believed for centuries that gifting shows how powerful you are by an act of generosity and that there is more to an economy than just money.

This product is to raise the vibration of all that participate, to lift up and honor those who are receiving this gift.

If you have received this symbol today you are very special and if you are giving this gift, you are embodying transformation and investing in a vison of an even better, more loving world.


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