Original Acrylic on Canvas

20”w x 24”h x 1.75”d


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Original Acrylic on Canvas

20”w x 24”h x 1.75”d


By Gina Mae Schubert

Hidden Knowledge

The Haida Potlatch was a ceremonial dinner that lasts for days.  This socio-economic support and gifting economy are one of the things the Haida’s are famous for, sharing is a huge part of being Haida.   The ceremonies and dances at the Potlatch exhibit the most exquisitely carved and handmade masks which some are to be given away.  These Potlatch’s have been practiced for centuries and carry on till today.   If you are lucky, you can hear the sound of the drumming of our ancestors early in the morning, carried on the northwest wind, we can still hear them.

The Potlatch is fragmented images of my memories of the Potlatches I have been a part of.



Boom Boom

Clack Clack

Voices rise up

Captured in a rhythm

pungent smoked leather

Cedar essence


Sounds of voices singing

Feet dancing

Movement, sweat

Hearts aglow

Sweet on my tongue

Warmth, kindness


Giving , Caring



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