“Creation” Original Painting

Year : 2022

Weight : 4ft x 8ft x 1.5

Golden Acrylics


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Artist Statement
Inspired by the Haida Creation Story
I am you;
you are me
we are one
Electromagnetic soul beings merge in
passion and procreation
Energy flows through our souls
on bands of copper
connecting us to each other,
in the future
and the past
A strong sensuality,
bodies in partial transformation
You are me and I am Raven
I am you and You are Eagle
We are creation
caught in the connection to our biology
and chemistry
our bodies lined softly against the
direct lines of our magnetic attraction
that keeps us bound
To our destiny,
our culture
and our future
As the unborn children call us from the other side
we engage in human rapture,
surrounded by Nature
lost in the dance towards infinity.
Gina Mae Schubert
Jaada-Sk’iila    Yahgulanaas


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