Original acrylic on canvas 16w x 20h x 1.5d


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I began this painting in Venice Italy in 21. Inspired by our Haida Creation Story

Year : 2021


By Gina Mae Schubert

Eternally Energetic

Clan structure is one of the most, if not the most important thing to the Haida besides our balance with nature.  We rebuilt our nation after the biological warfare of Smallpox, from thousands of people to just 600.  We divided our clans in two, Eagle and Raven.  It has been the Eagles and the Ravens that have protected our blood lines to the strength we are now.

Raven Soul Dance is an expression of this, as well and the unseen connection between a man and woman.  A flow of energy, electricity as we are electromagnetic beings, soul beings having a physical, human experience.  We chose this expertise because we want to feel, in this lifetime.

We carry on eternally, circling around familiar souls, drawing them back to us, over lifetimes.

We will carry on to be with the creator, until we decide to return.

You are my soul connection

You connect me to my source in this dance

You show me the way to the other side,

feeling your energy through your body

To my soul

Your electromagnetic nectar

Runs through me

I am one with you, always connected.

Carrying through time and space

You remind me of who I am

We embody creation.

I am the cosmos, the ocean, the earth

Because of you

 Inches: 16w x 20h x 1.5d


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