“The Lovers” – Haida Creation Story Earrings – Eagle and Raven, sterling silver 925


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These earrings represent our two dominant clans, Eagle and Raven.

Earrings measure about 2 inches long, .6 mm thick etched silver, inlayed with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

The Lovers

A Haida Creation Story

“Masculine and Feminine

Energy merges;

I am you, you are me

we are one”


Electromagnetic infinite soul beings

are connected


to the earth,

the cosmos,

and all living things.

We have the power to heal ourselves,

And others.

Eagle and Raven embrace each other in partial transformation,

legs and arms intertwined,

energy flows from their mouths into each other,

a kiss, a word,

a flow of energy

that goes deep into the fibers of creation,

that seals the heart

through chemistry into their cells.

There they meet in love

and sensuality

in the arms of the Creator.



The Haida’s were almost brought to extinction in the 1860s and we have rebuilt our nation from the 600 people who were left to the 6000 people are have today.

We were divided into two clans, only Eagle and Raven.

Ravens are forbidden to procreate with Ravens and vice versa, we are a matrilineal society and we get our clans from our Mothers.

It is said that the Haidas had this knowledge and responsibilities to protect our bloodlines, which spanned millennia.

We thank our ancestors for protecting us and making us the people we are today.

Gina Mae Schubert


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