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So You Girls Remember That: Memories of a Haida Elder (a bOOK ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER)

So You Girls Remember That is an oral history of a Haida Elder, Naanii Nora, who lived from 1902 to 1997. A collaborative effort, this project was initiated and guided by Charlie Bellis and Maureen McNamara and was years in the making. The resulting book, compiled by Jenny Nelson, is a window into Nora’s life and her family―from the young girl singing all day in the canoe, bossing her brothers around or crossing Hecate Strait on her dad’s schooner, to the young woman making her way in the new white settlers’ town up the inlet, with music always a refrain. These are stories of childhood; of people and place, seasons and change; life stages and transitions such as moving and marriage; and Haida songs and meanings.

This book also contains the larger story of Nora’s times, a representation of changing political relationships between Canada and the Haida people and a personal part of the Haida tale.

SHELTER: Disregard for cultural and human involvement in the discovery process of modern residential design.

Past and present governing body’ policy sometimes created and are designed against certain groups of the population to disrupt their social values and diminish their power. This doesn’t just happen to Native Americans but can happen to anyone. I would like to take this opportunity to use my own culture and nation as a reference to support this research paper. I will research Old Massett Village in Haida Gwaii as it’s my homeland and it affects me directly but it also allows me to look closely and ask deeply, in regards to our issues on our reserve land. I will also cross-reference with failed and questionable modern design developments and describe the human decimation it has created and outline their similarities.